The Ideal Unit For Your Home Kitchen

Unit For Your Home Kitchen

Finding the right furniture for one’s kitchen can prove to be quite a challenging task, but it is in most cases a very necessary & needed unit. Some kitchens are within a space that is just large enough to accommodate the appliances, worktop/s and fitted drawers & cupboards that you would expect all kitchens to have, however if you are fortunate enough to own a property that is large enough to contain a larger, more open styled kitchen, then you will be wanting to or will have already gone out and purchased some additional kitchen storage or worktop units to help make the space more homely, less cluttered and turn it into more of a welcoming kitchen that you will enjoy spending much time in – preparing and cooking meals for the rest of the family, your partner, or perhaps your housemates.

If you are feeling a bit stuck with finding the right unit for your kitchen and are getting a bit lost with where to look next, then I can likely offer you the help you need and all being well, this will be what you are looking for and will help you put an end to this difficult shopping challenge. I recently came across a fantastic unit that is perfect for a home kitchen; it is very stylish and offers storage space at the same time as not being too intrusive itself. It also provides adequate worktop space and can be used as a kind of Kitchen Island where you could even place some kitchen stools around it to use as a dining type space. The unit I am introducing is the Bordeaux Kitchen Storage Table, and you can find a competitively priced unit within a great home furniture retailer in the UK called The Bathrooms and More Store. Although the company name might suggest that they have a specific focus on bathroom furniture, they also stock and sell a variety of alternative furniture to offer something for practically every room of a home. You will also actually notice if you visit the website that they have a few different sizes/versions of the Bordeaux Kitchen Storage Table, so maybe you will choose a different version to the one I have suggested – I will leave that up to you, but hopefully in any case, this unit will suit your taste and fit well with the rest of your kitchen units and so you will have finally found what you have been looking for.

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Finding The Right Vanity Unit For The Cloakroom Bathroom

The Cloakroom Bathroom

Quite a lot of homes in the UK have a little room under the stairs or a cloakroom type room that for many turns into pretty much a wasted space, just full of stacked up clutter that is not being used by anyone. On the other hand, for many property owners that have these small, difficult to furnish rooms, they have taken the time and effort to plan, design and fit a nice looking and efficient little loo room, or bathroom (but without the bath). I think the proper name for them actually is a cloakroom. Within the ideal cloakroom you will have just enough space to fit a toilet, a sink and a mirror. You could probably also line the wall with a shelf or two to give yourself a bit of storage space and lastly if you are very lucky you will be able to comfortably fit a nice towel rail in there too, so you can keep a hand towel neatly hanging besides the wash basin, ready for the user to dry their hands following a good, clean.

Most of these small cloakrooms will be in a location of the property that has one or two tight angled, or tight fitting corners which is often where the owner will locate the loo and inevitably there will end up being some wasted space left behind the loo. The basin will usually be hung on the wall or sometimes fitted onto a pedestal unit, which can look nice and will save on space, but at the same time it also kind of wastes space, as it would be good to be able to store some things under the sink, within a vanity unit cupboard area. The trouble is, is that it can be very difficult to find vanity units that are the right shape, and size to conveniently fit into these small cloakrooms. The vanity unit will need to be very thin or crafted in a shape so as to fit into a corner of a room if it was going to be able to fit nicely into most of the cloakrooms I have come across, which is why most people go without the vanity unit, and without the benefit that a nice solid oak vanity unit can offer to a room like this.

The Cloakroom Bathroom

Fitting a solid oak vanity unit with a stone top, like marble or travertine and with a stunning marble basin could suddenly turn a small cloakroom from a basic, restroom that adds no real value to a home, into a stunning little cloakroom that becomes a talking point of the home. The small unit will also bring with it some much needed storage space which makes the room even more efficient too.

As luck would have it, I also know just the place where you can find a stunning corner/cloakroom vanity unit that is compact, yet offers enough storage space for a small cloakroom in any home. There is a wide variety of these small, cloakroom styled units all found displayed within the Bathrooms and More Store website, so actually you will all be pleasantly surprised and totally spoiled for choice! They offer units with stone tops, oak tops, painted units, oak varnished units, and a huge variety of vanity basins to choose between as well. So take your time and if you need some extra assistance then get in touch with one of their team. They have always been very helpful to me when I have needed some advice and I am sure they will be happy to help you too.

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Let’s Take A Look at What We Can Do to Revamp The Bathroom

Revamp The Bathroom

There are many other rooms to the home that are important to ensuring a happy, healthy existence, actually you could say that every single room in the home is important, but I would argue that some are more important than others. Anyway, if we can just take our focus away from the kitchen for the time being and instead let us dive into what we can find available in today’s bathroom furniture market in the UK, perhaps we could also take a peak over into Europe for some of the more fancy, luxurious items, if necessary.

The reason I have suggested to discuss and investigate the bathroom furniture topic is because for me, it is an area that I find quite interesting at the moment because of all the new technology and modern, futuristic designs that I have noticed popping up here and there, and actually almost everywhere. If I had a big saving account to dip into and I had to choose one room to renovate with money not being an object then I would likely choose the bathroom. I would then go and research the latest and most modern bathtubs, shower units, vanity & basin units, taps, lights, towel rails and even tiles and the eventual master piece of a bathroom would be something that dreams are made of. Think how great it would be to have such an amazing bathroom – you would literally be so excited about getting home from work each day because you would be able to bath in the amazing bathroom, likewise in the morning you would get up with a sense of extra urgency because you would be looking forward to having your morning shower in the master piece.

futuristic sink

The bathroom sink would have to be one of the futuristic designs that you can see here at the website. The sleek, clean designs offer something modern and efficient. Which would make for a pleasurable place to wash ones hands and face, and brush teeth etc. The towel rail would be a designer stainless steel towel rail from towel rad. I would choose something modern and funky looking – probably something that also lights up, perhaps even in an interesting luminescent colour. The shower unit would be something amazing, like one of these futuristic units displayed on the homesthetics website. So next I would be looking at bathtubs and for that I would be torn between a sunken bath that would go deep into the floor, and a futuristic spa type bathtub that sat on the heated floor. Whatever it ended up being will be something that has water jets fitted for a Jacuzzi experience, and it would also have its own waterproof entertainment system integrated into it – with music and video. The floor tiles would be heated; the lighting system would include dimming switches and mood lighting effects consisting of multiple colour shades. Lastly the wall tiles would be 3d wall tiles to add the finishing touch to what I will one day hopefully be able to afford.

What would you do if you had the same option?

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What Kind of Kitchen Countertops Are Best?

When it comes to kitchen design, a big major part of the end look and feel will ultimately be coming from the counter tops you have chosen. So the choice of countertop stone and colour is one that you should be giving some time and a lot of thought towards as your decision can end up in making or breaking your kitchen in relation to aesthetics. It is an important decision to make and also and important one to get right, as everyone requires a good looking, nice and comfortable feeling kitchen if they are going to be spending much of their time within it and either cooking, preparing or cleaning.

The stone kitchen countertops like Granite, Marble & Quartz all will look fantastic if fitted well, however they also are all very expensive and not all of you will be able to afford forking out the small fortune required to fit your entire kitchen with one of these desirable stones, so you will need to consider other options. Ceramic tiling can offer something more affordable, as can laminate counter tops. However both of these materials are more prone to being damaged and can result in costing you more due to the fixes and re-fittings you may require. Also you should consider wood or butcher block counter tops, but remember that they are going to be harder to maintain and keep clean. The wooden countertops tend to be prone to being bacteria breeding grounds if not treated properly and frequently enough. Stainless steel is also a common material used in UK kitchens these days; however they can again cost an arm and leg. Another option to consider is concrete which will offer a hard countertop that will be almost damage resistant, but they cost will again be high, so you will need to ensure you have enough in the bank to afford such a material.

So, it is always going to be a matter of opinion and also will relate to what you can afford at the time. My choice would likely be Granite or Marble, but I do tend to have expensive tastes!

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Spend What It Takes To Fit Your Kitchen With A Quality Fridge-Freezer

Spend What It Takes To Fit Your Kitchen With A Quality Fridge-Freezer

When it comes to renovating and re-fitting your home kitchen, there will be many units and metrics that you will need to be considering and giving time and attention to, so that you take care to ultimately end up with the kitchen you desired. You want to think about all the units and appliances you would like to have in your ideal kitchen, also think about the volume of storage space you will need to tidy away and protect all the various cutlery, pots, pans, plates, bowls glasses, mugs and much more. You need to also make sure you pay attention to the amount of space you will be allocating to various worktop or countertop surfaces which of course are very important to pull together a well-designed, efficient and comfortable kitchen experience.

Spend What It Takes To Fit Your Kitchen With A Quality Fridge-Freezer

One unit in particular that we see as being extremely important and certainly essential for any kitchen, is the Fridge, or Fridge-Freezer (as they nearly always now come as an all in one unit appliance, rather than times past when people would buy the two units separately – which actually always  was a bit odd, as the two units would eventually almost always be stacked one on top of the other in whatever home or property they under up in. The reason we see this unit as being very important and one that should be purchased with no consideration given to finding a cheap option to try and save a little cash, is because it is where you will be storing all your costly foods and drinks that will be nourishing you at their best, only if kept most fresh at the correct temperatures. You also want to have a good volume of storage space within both your Fridge and Freezer, so that your foods and drinks and herbs and whatever else may be in there is not going to be getting cramped and squashed.

You can get some really great looking, high-tech fridge-freezer units in today’s market, so spend some good time search around and spare no expense so that you will enjoy a modern, great looking and perfect storage solution for your foods and drinks for many years to come.

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New Kitchen Gadgets That You Should Have

There are always lots of new innovations being designed and developed for use in the kitchen and to make everyday kitchen activities that little bit more fun. Another aim with a lot of the new kitchen appliances and add/fix-on gadgets is to help save the user some time, as time is so precious and people these days never seem to have enough of it. There are many new types of cutting, splicing, mixing, juicing, crushing and slushing devices, appliances and gadgets that each help to maximize efficiency and minimize time and effort required to reach the same end goal as Gordon Ramsey would with just a knife and his bare hands. I have picked out several of my favourite new gadgets that are available to buy now and listed them for you below. Enjoy:

Quirky Citrus Spritzer

1.Quirky Citrus Spritzer: – This clever little contraption is great – It is something that you can plug into your citrus fruits and then use the protruding end, that is attached with a spray head, to spray your chosen food or dish with – this can work well for when you are making a salad, or eating fish as two examples that would be quite common.

iTouchless Handheld Heated Bag Sealer

2. iTouchless Handheld Heated Bag Sealer: – This little gadget is great and a fantastic, simple idea that I am curious as to why no one has ever thought about making it before. It is small, to fit in the palm of your hand, and has a end you can pinch together that will heat up upon being pinched together – you would pinch it over the open end of your packet and then slowly wipe it across the open edge as if making the motion of zipping closed the open gap. The heat from the gadget will be just enough to melt the two sides of your packet so they close up and become sealed once more.

Chefland Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

3. Chefland Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer: – This tool is an all in one peeler, slicer and cutter. It is so easy to use and makes cutting up and preparing a pineapple easier than peeling an orange. If this device becomes a common kitchen device, then you can be sure that the consumption of pineapples will quadruple, as if anyone else is like me, then one of the reasons they do not often buy pineapples is solely because they are a pain to cut up and prepare in a nice pleasant way. This overcomes that issue, so I will probably be consuming many pineapples from this day and on.

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The Perfect Storage Solution for your Kitchen; Convenient & Efficient

The kitchen is one of the rooms at home that can become very cluttered and messy very quickly. It is important that you are always cleaning up and tidying away throughout each day, otherwise you leave yourself with a mountain of work to do in the evening which is the time of day/night that you least want to be doing any cleaning.  You need to make the effort though and maintain a clean kitchen so that you avoid the common issue of attracting rodents or some kind of insect that you don’t want in your home, eating your food.

The kitchen is also somewhere that you can go and take your mind off of the days stress & pressures while focusing on preparing & cooking a nutritious and homely meal for your loved ones; perhaps your family or partner. It is said that cooking can be very therapeutic and good for relaxing a hectic mind, lowering heart rate and reducing blood pressure. This therapeutic value will only really work for those of you that have a kitchen of a certain standard and size fitted at your home; it wouldn’t really apply to the small, student halls-esque kitchens that might consist of one hob, a microwave and a convection oven. Although I assume that all of you reading this post that are home-owners will have proper kitchen with all the usual appliances, and hopefully a work top surface or two, providing the much needed space when going through the preparation of any balanced, substantial home cooked meal.

The Perfect Storage Solution for your Kitchen; Convenient & Efficient

For those of you who have a taste for a French style of home furniture and a need for some extra storage space in the kitchen or dining room, then you will almost certainly adore this white kitchen storage table/unit. The elegant, stylish kitchen table or unit comes with teak storage boxes that sit inside the shelving of the unit, and offer perfect storage space to hide away any unsightly clutter. There is a tall or a medium height unit to choose between, the tall unit comes with 6 teak boxes, while the medium sized unit comes with 4. This is from the Bordeaux home furniture collection in case you were wondering.

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How to Decorate Your Home using Curtains

How to Decorate Your Home using Curtains

A stylish curtain can be a way to spice up your room without having to go through so much trouble, effort and expense. The curtain is more than just a piece of cloth or other material that blocks out the sun in the morning, so you can extend your sleep. It done correctly, your curtains or blinds can be a focal point of your room and help to add character and life to your home. The curtains and blinds give you the opportunity to get really creative and add colour and vibrancy to each and every room of your property. If you are about to carry out some re-designing or redecorating at home then you will find the following information in this article both interesting and useful.

The curtain itself is all about the colour, not so much on the style. However, it is important to realize that you need to balance them both to make the perfect room for your taste. Colour, in this case, is an aspect that you should consider heavily as it could change the atmosphere or even the whole environment of your room. For example, a purple curtain could signify that you want this room to be a bit lively with adding a touch of mystery into the room. If you want your room to be something that screams intelligence or a sense of luxury/vintage, you can try having a light gold curtain. The curtain would have to be light enough and transparent enough for the sunlight to shine through though, so that it leaves a golden glow throughout the room you fit them in. Your room will inevitably fill with golden light which is what gives you a sense of luxury and intellect. This is to provide you with some perspective on choosing the appropriate colour to reflect the mood that you want for the room, and it is crucial that you select the right tone too.

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Making The Kitchen An Attractive Space To Visit

Making The Kitchen An Attractive Space To Visit

The kitchen should really be a part of your home that you spend a lot of time in, and in the past it was. A few generations ago and on, going further back, families would spend a large proportion of their time at home, together in the kitchen. Parents, well mainly mothers, would be cooking various pastries, roasts and many other culinary delights all throughout the day, serving up the readied food onto a dining table that would be occupied by the rest of the family members. Conversations would flow; main meals would be followed by desserts, cheese & meat platters, aperitifs and tea, coffee & biscuits.  This family get together around the dining table would often take place two or three times per day and it would allow families to spend quality time together, all catching up with one another and keeping up to date with what was new in each of their lives. Today however, the kitchen in many people’s homes is a room that gets heavily neglected; families rarely eat all together, many don’t have dining tables and less people enjoy the whole process of cooking, instead opting for fast, less nutritious microwaved meals.

Making The Kitchen An Attractive Space To Visit

So, what needs to be done to get people back into their kitchens and back to cooking up delicious & nutritious daily means for their friends and family? To make the kitchen an inviting place to be and a pleasurable experience to prepare and cook meals, you need to ensure that you have some decent cooking appliances; a nice modern oven, a set of hobs with an extractor fan overhead, a decent grill and a large enough worktop for you to be able to chop up and prepare your various cooking ingredients. You also need to fit in a dining room if you have not already got one and the space will allow for one to fit comfortably. Keep all the worktops and appliances clean and tidy and start to introduce family dinner times instead of everyone going off and eating somewhere else in the house and being antisocial. Soon the rest of the family should start getting used to the family dinner routine and end up looking forward to it, instead of seeing it as an unwanted chore.

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Don’t Rush When Buying Furniture For Your New Home

or many of us the whole experience of having to go shopping can be one that is a real life nightmare. Everything from the traffic you have to navigate your way through on the way to the shops, to the crowds of people that seem to be always in your way, to the searching high and low for the items on your list only to find out the last one has just been sold, to the checkout counter queue that always seems to be slower than all the others around you – all the way to finally arriving back at home, it is a necessary chore that you will put off until the last possible day, and then when that day comes you will rush it through as quickly as you can to get yourself back home and to the comfort of your living room sofa. Of course on the other hand, for many people shopping is actually something they love doing and any opportunity to get out to the shops will be taken without a moment’s hesitation. For many or most shopping outings it will not really matter so much that your mind is mainly focused on getting home and your plan is to get in & get out as fast as you can. However there are some shopping occasions that really should be given the right level of attention, planning and time. A good example of a type of shopping that should be taken more seriously is when you are moving into a new home, or renovating a current one and there is a necessity for buying some new items of home furniture. Shopping for furniture can actually be one of the more stressful types of shopping, so for those that have an acute disliking for the whole experience, it can be very tempting to do the usual and rush it through as quickly as you can, but the result of doing such can end up being very costly.


You should plan your furniture shopping well so that you do not end up coming home with many unnecessary items that might catch your eye while doing the rounds. Also you need to plan out the logistics of it all – will the items you are buying fit into the transport you are taking, or will you be looking for a service that delivers the purchased items to your home? Most importantly in my experience is making sure that you only purchase high quality, well-made home furniture, so you should do your research and find out which furniture ranges or which shops have a good reputation for durability – you should consider your home furniture as small investments. The worst thing you can do (again in my experience) is rush your home furniture shopping, you should take good time and only invest in the very best looking, comfortable and durable items, even if this means that you can only buy one piece on each outing. If your finances are in such a way that you can a) only buy one quality item of home furniture or b) alternatively settle for some bargain basement cheap items so that whatever money you have is enough to fully furnish the room or house you are renovating – I strongly advise you to go with option a) and furnish your home slowly, one piece at a time.

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