Finding The Right Vanity Unit For The Cloakroom Bathroom

The Cloakroom Bathroom

Quite a lot of homes in the UK have a little room under the stairs or a cloakroom type room that for many turns into pretty much a wasted space, just full of stacked up clutter that is not being used by anyone. On the other hand, for many property owners that have these small, difficult to furnish rooms, they have taken the time and effort to plan, design and fit a nice looking and efficient little loo room, or bathroom (but without the bath). I think the proper name for them actually is a cloakroom. Within the ideal cloakroom you will have just enough space to fit a toilet, a sink and a mirror. You could probably also line the wall with a shelf or two to give yourself a bit of storage space and lastly if you are very lucky you will be able to comfortably fit a nice towel rail in there too, so you can keep a hand towel neatly hanging besides the wash basin, ready for the user to dry their hands following a good, clean.

Most of these small cloakrooms will be in a location of the property that has one or two tight angled, or tight fitting corners which is often where the owner will locate the loo and inevitably there will end up being some wasted space left behind the loo. The basin will usually be hung on the wall or sometimes fitted onto a pedestal unit, which can look nice and will save on space, but at the same time it also kind of wastes space, as it would be good to be able to store some things under the sink, within a vanity unit cupboard area. The trouble is, is that it can be very difficult to find vanity units that are the right shape, and size to conveniently fit into these small cloakrooms. The vanity unit will need to be very thin or crafted in a shape so as to fit into a corner of a room if it was going to be able to fit nicely into most of the cloakrooms I have come across, which is why most people go without the vanity unit, and without the benefit that a nice solid oak vanity unit can offer to a room like this.

The Cloakroom Bathroom

Fitting a solid oak vanity unit with a stone top, like marble or travertine and with a stunning marble basin could suddenly turn a small cloakroom from a basic, restroom that adds no real value to a home, into a stunning little cloakroom that becomes a talking point of the home. The small unit will also bring with it some much needed storage space which makes the room even more efficient too.

As luck would have it, I also know just the place where you can find a stunning corner/cloakroom vanity unit that is compact, yet offers enough storage space for a small cloakroom in any home. There is a wide variety of these small, cloakroom styled units all found displayed within the Bathrooms and More Store website, so actually you will all be pleasantly surprised and totally spoiled for choice! They offer units with stone tops, oak tops, painted units, oak varnished units, and a huge variety of vanity basins to choose between as well. So take your time and if you need some extra assistance then get in touch with one of their team. They have always been very helpful to me when I have needed some advice and I am sure they will be happy to help you too.

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