Let’s Take A Look at What We Can Do to Revamp The Bathroom

Revamp The Bathroom

There are many other rooms to the home that are important to ensuring a happy, healthy existence, actually you could say that every single room in the home is important, but I would argue that some are more important than others. Anyway, if we can just take our focus away from the kitchen for the time being and instead let us dive into what we can find available in today’s bathroom furniture market in the UK, perhaps we could also take a peak over into Europe for some of the more fancy, luxurious items, if necessary.

The reason I have suggested to discuss and investigate the bathroom furniture topic is because for me, it is an area that I find quite interesting at the moment because of all the new technology and modern, futuristic designs that I have noticed popping up here and there, and actually almost everywhere. If I had a big saving account to dip into and I had to choose one room to renovate with money not being an object then I would likely choose the bathroom. I would then go and research the latest and most modern bathtubs, shower units, vanity & basin units, taps, lights, towel rails and even tiles and the eventual master piece of a bathroom would be something that dreams are made of. Think how great it would be to have such an amazing bathroom – you would literally be so excited about getting home from work each day because you would be able to bath in the amazing bathroom, likewise in the morning you would get up with a sense of extra urgency because you would be looking forward to having your morning shower in the master piece.

futuristic sink

The bathroom sink would have to be one of the futuristic designs that you can see here at the cuded.com website. The sleek, clean designs offer something modern and efficient. Which would make for a pleasurable place to wash ones hands and face, and brush teeth etc. The towel rail would be a designer stainless steel towel rail from towel rad. I would choose something modern and funky looking – probably something that also lights up, perhaps even in an interesting luminescent colour. The shower unit would be something amazing, like one of these futuristic units displayed on the homesthetics website. So next I would be looking at bathtubs and for that I would be torn between a sunken bath that would go deep into the floor, and a futuristic spa type bathtub that sat on the heated floor. Whatever it ended up being will be something that has water jets fitted for a Jacuzzi experience, and it would also have its own waterproof entertainment system integrated into it – with music and video. The floor tiles would be heated; the lighting system would include dimming switches and mood lighting effects consisting of multiple colour shades. Lastly the wall tiles would be 3d wall tiles to add the finishing touch to what I will one day hopefully be able to afford.

What would you do if you had the same option?

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