New Kitchen Gadgets That You Should Have

There are always lots of new innovations being designed and developed for use in the kitchen and to make everyday kitchen activities that little bit more fun. Another aim with a lot of the new kitchen appliances and add/fix-on gadgets is to help save the user some time, as time is so precious and people these days never seem to have enough of it. There are many new types of cutting, splicing, mixing, juicing, crushing and slushing devices, appliances and gadgets that each help to maximize efficiency and minimize time and effort required to reach the same end goal as Gordon Ramsey would with just a knife and his bare hands. I have picked out several of my favourite new gadgets that are available to buy now and listed them for you below. Enjoy:

Quirky Citrus Spritzer

1.Quirky Citrus Spritzer: – This clever little contraption is great – It is something that you can plug into your citrus fruits and then use the protruding end, that is attached with a spray head, to spray your chosen food or dish with – this can work well for when you are making a salad, or eating fish as two examples that would be quite common.

iTouchless Handheld Heated Bag Sealer

2. iTouchless Handheld Heated Bag Sealer: – This little gadget is great and a fantastic, simple idea that I am curious as to why no one has ever thought about making it before. It is small, to fit in the palm of your hand, and has a end you can pinch together that will heat up upon being pinched together – you would pinch it over the open end of your packet and then slowly wipe it across the open edge as if making the motion of zipping closed the open gap. The heat from the gadget will be just enough to melt the two sides of your packet so they close up and become sealed once more.

Chefland Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

3. Chefland Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer: – This tool is an all in one peeler, slicer and cutter. It is so easy to use and makes cutting up and preparing a pineapple easier than peeling an orange. If this device becomes a common kitchen device, then you can be sure that the consumption of pineapples will quadruple, as if anyone else is like me, then one of the reasons they do not often buy pineapples is solely because they are a pain to cut up and prepare in a nice pleasant way. This overcomes that issue, so I will probably be consuming many pineapples from this day and on.

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