What Kind of Kitchen Countertops Are Best?

When it comes to kitchen design, a big major part of the end look and feel will ultimately be coming from the counter tops you have chosen. So the choice of countertop stone and colour is one that you should be giving some time and a lot of thought towards as your decision can end up in making or breaking your kitchen in relation to aesthetics. It is an important decision to make and also and important one to get right, as everyone requires a good looking, nice and comfortable feeling kitchen if they are going to be spending much of their time within it and either cooking, preparing or cleaning.

The stone kitchen countertops like Granite, Marble & Quartz all will look fantastic if fitted well, however they also are all very expensive and not all of you will be able to afford forking out the small fortune required to fit your entire kitchen with one of these desirable stones, so you will need to consider other options. Ceramic tiling can offer something more affordable, as can laminate counter tops. However both of these materials are more prone to being damaged and can result in costing you more due to the fixes and re-fittings you may require. Also you should consider wood or butcher block counter tops, but remember that they are going to be harder to maintain and keep clean. The wooden countertops tend to be prone to being bacteria breeding grounds if not treated properly and frequently enough. Stainless steel is also a common material used in UK kitchens these days; however they can again cost an arm and leg. Another option to consider is concrete which will offer a hard countertop that will be almost damage resistant, but they cost will again be high, so you will need to ensure you have enough in the bank to afford such a material.

So, it is always going to be a matter of opinion and also will relate to what you can afford at the time. My choice would likely be Granite or Marble, but I do tend to have expensive tastes!

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